Receiving the Job Description

We record date and time of receipt, HR contact’s name, title and contact information.  Is a briefing meeting or alternative contact possible with the Line Manager to get more information?

Reason for the vacancy?

  • How long the position has been vacant?
  • Are there any internal candidates?
  • What is the preference regarding EE?
  • How many candidates internal and external have already been interviewed for the vacancy and why not successful?
  • Minimum qualifications required?
  • Minimum amount of experience required?
  • Culture of division?
  • Ideal candidate?
  • Is there a need to relocate and is there a budget for relocating a candidate?
  • We ask for an organagram, where the position fits into the Company, the reporting structure, “up and down” and lateral team.
  • What is the salary range?

If necessary, we would do a mini salary survey to assess the above and share the information with the HR Consultant.


We request KPI’s with the job description, in order to compose relative competency questions.


  • Which Competitor Company’s staff could be attractive?
  • How soon do you need the candidate to start?
  • Who is care taking this position in the interim?
  • Is there a handover period?
  • How many interviews inclusive of assessments, what type of assessments, the duration thereof?
  • Type, duration and preparation required by the candidate for the interview, i.e. panel/presentations?
  • Do you need a temp to cover while hiring permanently?
  • Would you consider a temp to perm placement, a working interview?



Screening for candidates

• We conduct a thorough and detailed shortlisting screening process, as part of the first stage of our process.

• After initial screening, we telephonically shortlist, we interview to shortlist, and we then shortlist for a third time.

• We customise our sourcing of candidates relative to the Clients requirements, for example, we customise a screening checklist for each position.

• We do not advertise positions, unless we do not have the candidates required.

• We do not approach candidates we have placed.

• We are members of various job portals, we believe ‘it’s how you use them’. 


 Process for short listing

  • There are two options for short listing: we shortlist to three candidates or we shortlist to between five and eight candidates. A meeting with the client is arranged, and from there the shortlist is cut to three or four candidates.
  • We conduct competency based interviews, questions are agreed with the client in the initial meeting.
  • We conduct pre-agreed checks, as agreed in the initial meeting with the client.
  • We brief the candidates on the client, as per our candidate briefing, detailed in “Management of candidate interviews”.
  • Candidate interviews are arranged with the client.
  • Two way feedback.
  • We facilitate the offer process.
  • We manage the start of the successful candidate’s start date.


Candidate Interviews

  • It builds commitment, our candidates appreciate us meeting them face to face, and especially at their convenience.
  • Turnaround time, we are not waiting for candidates to fit us into their dairies, we fit into theirs.
  • Confidentiality, candidates are not ‘seen’ in a recruiters office, they are not going to accidentally meet anyone they know.
  • Our interviews are conducted telephonically and face to face. We have recruited across South Africa and in Mozambique, Swaziland and Botswana, we commute to the candidates, irrespective of their location.
  •  We have found as a result of our ability to travel, the timelines for recruiting have been halved. We don’t wait for candidates to come to us, we go to them.
  • Our competency based interviews are based on your job description and KPI’s.
  • The candidates availability to relocate is assessed.
  • The candidates career aspirations relative to the position are assessed.
  • The candidates education and if they are interested in further education is discussed.
  • At this stage, salary is discussed in detail.
  • Counter offers are discussed in detail.
  • Candidates interview availability, potential business travel dates and any potential leave dates are discussed.
  • ‘Real reasons for leaving’ are thoroughly checked in a competency based interview, and we have found that meeting our candidates at their convenience, relaxes them, builds trust and encourages honesty.
  • ‘Reason for leaving’ are also confirmed during the customised verbal reference process.
  • We request recent payslips and we discuss the payslips and salaries with the candidates in detail during the interview process. We also discuss when bonuses are due to be paid out, and when next they are expecting an increase. We confirm if any studies have been paid for, and the value thereof. We ask about ‘soft benefits’ i.e. subsidised canteen free parking etc.


  • It is also at this stage that we discuss counter offers in depth, and we combine this discussion with their reason for leaving their current employer. We also raise hypothetical questions such as “so if your existing employer were to increase your salary by ‘x’? If your existing Line Manager was to leave and the position be offered to you?
  • Candidates notice period as per their existing contracts and assessing the flexibility thereof, for example, if the candidate is going to a competitor, they may be allowed to leave immediately.
  • We provide a shortlist of candidates per position who meet the job, salary, EE and cultural fit requirements.
  • We provide a detailed CV with candidates name, Id Number, general residential location, current salary, EE, Notice period, education and experience.


Management of your candidate interviews 

  • We book suitable interview times, confirming the physical address, room number and parking details.
  • If travel arrangements need to be made, we will provide a copy of ID for flight bookings, meal requirements and confirmation of attendance.
  • Our candidates are given written and telephonic details of their interviews, where necessary, directions, maps and relevant contact information for the client Company is given to the candidate.
  • We brief our candidates with regard to Company/ division/team culture. The candidates receive a copy of the job description which we discuss with them. In our interviews we cover current salary, salary expectations and counter offers. At the stage of arranging the interview with the candidate we also let the candidates know the process, i.e. when to expect feedback how many interviews and assessments are required. We do not ‘over brief’ as we believe the candidate needs to be themselves in the interview.
  • Prior to the client interviews, we reconfirm with the candidate and with the HR consultant, giving relevant contact information to both.

Feedback from Candidate

  • We ask the candidate who was on the interview, as things can change. We ask the candidate their thoughts re the interviewers/panel members. We ask if the job was discussed and described to them, and if they were given an opportunity to ask any questions. We ask their level of interest in the position, and their gut feeling for how they felt the interview went.

Feedback from Client 

  • After the first stage of interviews, we contact the relevant HR consultant for feedback.
  • We ask: How suited the candidate is to the position from a skills, experience, competency and cultural fit?
  • If the candidate is successful for the next stage and potentially when that could be?
  • How many other candidates are going forward to the next round?
  • Where they rate the candidate against the other candidates?

Offer Facilitation 

  • We manage the offer process for our clients to our other clients (our candidates).
  • Our clients usually make one offer, we are very thorough in our processes prior to this stage, so it is very rare that an offer is declined.  We have ideas with regards to incentives, salary structures, bonus’ etc, which we usually discuss at the initial stages of the process, as opposed to leaving it to the end, we would prefer to manage any potential issues in the beginning as opposed to ‘horse trading’ at offer stage.
  • We also assist and advise the candidate through their resignation, and keep the HR consultant advised throughout the process

1 Week Prior to Starting

We confirm start date and time, where the new employee needs to be and who they should ask for.

Day 1

We contact HR Consultant and new employee to ensure process is flowing smoothly.

Week 1

We contact HR Consultant and new employee to see how new employee is settling in.

Month 1

We contact HR Consultant and new employee to get feedback on 1st month.

Month 2 to 6

 We meet with HR Consultant, new employee and the Line Manager.